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Rubber Maid - a rubber  cheesecake video, 

full video on Club Rubber Restrained: http://www.ClubRubberRestrained.com, 

with Nicky Alicia

Please welcome the Rubber Restrained maid, our own sexy blond, Nicky Alicia.

Dressed in rubber and naked underneath her very short skirt she will suck, wipe, clean and still have time to see to our private.... needs.

Rubber Maid, All images and full length video on Rubber Restrained
(http://www.RubberRestrained.com), with Nicky Alicia.
Rubber Restrained and Bagged, All images and full length video on Rubber Restrained (http://www.RubberRestrained.com).
Rubber kinbaku kitten, full set on Club RopeMarks http://www.ClubRopeMarks.com, With Amarantha LaBlanche, photo's by Imaginary Tease
Tonight is Poker night so she knows 8 strangers will take turns using her fuck-holes.
The Whore needed to be taught a lesson. She will be forced to orgasm until she passes out.Then, I'll fuck her ass repeatedly.
Master tied me up to the bed to better abuse my holes... something tells me he's going to push my limits : )
"Pick a fuck-hole" is the name of the game... or two... or three...
Collared and hogtied with restraints for cock sucking, not bad!