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Just a little pinch of the handles, and there's nothing she can do.
Shock as she hears her punishment, her sexuality chained and put on display, to be denied climax forevermore for sharing it with the unworthy.
Acceptance of her predicament and fate of her orgasms as she is proudly displayed to the audience.
Fear as the seriousness of her predicament and the sentence on her Master's clit begins to fully sink in.
Suffering with illustration of optimal placement of a clover clamp at the base of the clitoral shaft for maximizing damage when she throws back her head and arches her back...
Contemplation of her predicament, strutting the goods hoping Master will show mercy to them.
Clipping the other end of the chain to the door handle had seemed like good idea to her, until her lover arrived home early.
In this GENIUS predicament bondage, the slut can pull their arms backwards to get the wand down to touch their cunt. But obviously to do that, they will have to suffer the friction burn of the rope pulling tighter and tighter as it rubs its way under her. As her arms get tired, the slut will begin to lower her arms which will not only lose her the wand, but cause the rope to continue to rub on her cunt. Finally, as she nears orgasm, the girl will struggle even more to keep her arms in the right place. Alternatively, you can just admire how much more that crotch rope is going to torture the slut, considering it has a magic wand on full tied to it, sending the vibrations down the tight rope.